Friday, September 23, 2011

Weekend Justice #130: "Research"

I'm trying to catch up with the internet world after being away in England the last few days. While I was gone, Weekend Justice returned with a new episode of dirty jokes and nerdy talk. This week features myself, Widge, Rox, Leigh, Jon, Tuffley and Rob. Some of the topics of discussion included:

  • Going in and out
  • The O Face sound...revealed!
  • Ruining Aaron's daily routine
  • The perfect gift
  • New Streets of Rage soundtrack
  • Introductions: A New Scent
  • Doctor Who last
  • Leigh's swallowing story
  • The Muppets Movie
  • The How I Met Your Mother ending
  • Aaron vs. butt dialing spam
  • What they don't have in Ireland
  • Netflix and fun with cable
  • Katy Perry and Rihanna
  • Pearl Jam

To download the episode CLICK THIS or to listen and stream the episode CLICK THIS LINK YO

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