Saturday, September 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Jim Henson

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Had he not unfortunately died in 1990, the wonderful, majestic Jim Henson would be celebrating his 75th birthday today.

Both myself and other members of DOOM have led a slightly fuller life thanks to experiencing some of Jim's work. While words can't express how lesser the world is without him in it, let's celebrate the man's birthday by remembering some of the great things he contributed.

While reminiscing I came across some interesting videos that you may not have seen before.

Here is a great video of Jim talking about making Muppets. Some great stuff from the legend himself.

Here are some behind-the-scenes videos of Jim and long-time working partner Frank Oz (and some of the other cast and crew) doing tests for The Muppet Movie. The two of them as Kermit and Fozzie have fun together improving and basically just enjoying their job. It's great to see them crack each-other up.

If you didn't know already, Google dedicated their logo to Jim today. Here is a video about it.

The Muppets read some letters sent from fans to Kermit after Jim's death. WARNING: You will most likely cry (lord knows I did).

We miss you Jim. Thanks for everything.

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