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A handy index page to help you find the comics I've written, to either read or buy (or both!)


When Shawn Hill turns 16 he is in for a big surprise, his family are superheroes! Shawn is asked to join the family business but he has to find the courage to be honest with his father that this life is not really for him.

You can read it digitally via GUMROAD or my online shop


Ongoing story of the Intergalactic Spaceship Bowie‘s Accounting Department.

You can read it for free either at or on Tapas

ARTOS #3, #4, and #5

All-ages Irish superhero comic by Buttonpress Publications.
No digital copies available - You can order a physical copy through my online shop


A story about isolation, grief, and learning to move on with life.

You can order a digital copy via GUMROAD or you can order a copy of the comic HERE.

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