Here are a few moments I'm quite proud of that resulted from doing these mad Internet things.
I don't always have pictures of some of the cool things I've been lucky to take part in so this is a way of helping me keep those memories safe.

Performing with Kill The Monster during our set at Improvfest Ireland 2016
-Tom Hughes, Claire Jenkins, and me-

Performing in Joseph Scrimshaw's Improv Show at Dragon Con 2016 
-Scott Adsit, Hal Lublin, Angela Webber, Scrimshaw, Trace Beaulieu, Bill Corbett, and me-

I was lucky enough to be the special guest on The William Street Swap Shop in 2016
-Zach White, me, and Matt Hutchinson-

Playing W.B. Yeats in our comedy 1916 debate show Proportional Defamation in 2016
-Mark Cantan, Pearl O'Rourke, Stephen Bradley, me, Sean Flaherty, Neil Curran, 
Rick Doody, Diane O'Connor, and Jessamyn Fairfield-

Performing at Improvision, an improvised Eurovision show in 2016
-Sean Curran, me, Neil Curran, Sam Kavanagh, and Sean Flaherty-

Performing at Improvfest Ireland 2015 during their International Mixer Showcase
-me, Hazel Salminen, and Katy Schutte-

Performing during the marathon 25 Hour Improv Show in 2015
-Kevin Handy, Stephen Bradley, and me-

After performing in the Celebrity Improv Show at Dragon Con 2015
-Mark Gagliardi, Jennifer Kelley, Hal Lublin, me, Joseph Scrimshaw, 
Doc Hammer, Scott Adsit, and Mike Phirman-

Moderating the Comics Are For Everybody panel at D.I.C.E. 2014
-Aaron Fever, Kieron Gillen, Maura McHugh, Jordie Bellaire, Kate Leth,
Jeanine Schaefer (w/ baby Margot), Declan Shalvey-

Performed with this gang of chuckleheads as part of the Attack of the Celebrity Improv 2014
-Trace Beaulieu, Frank Conniff, James Urbaniak, Hal Lublin, Joseph Scrimshaw
Dana Snyder-
-and me-

Performing with A Suggestive Biscuit at the first ever ImprovFest Ireland in 2013
-Tom Hughes, Damien Holmes, Brendan Dalton, Denise Roche, Aaron Fever, Stephen Ryan-

Co-hosting the Gonzo Improvaganza at Dragon Con 2013
-Joseph Scrimshaw, James Urbaniak, Paul Sabourin, Phil LaMarr, Greg DiCostanzo, Mike Phirman, Bill Corbett, Aaron Fever-

Telling stories at the FRED Panel at Dragon*Con 2012
Photo courtesy of @doctoraicha
-Len Peralta, Alex Day, Joseph Scrimshaw, Ken Plume, Marian Call, Molly Lewis, Aaron Fever-

Me looking passionate on the LOST Fan Panel at Dragon*Con 2010
-Jon Boutelle,
Paul Dini, (?), Mighty Bill and Aaron Fever-

Red Nose Net 2010 during our 24-hour-straight web stream for charity
-Aaron Fever, Widgett Walls and Ken Plume-

Having fun on the Snydecast Panel at Dragon*Con 2009
-Widgett Walls,
Dana Snyder, Ken Plume and Aaron Fever-

Being a "leprecam" on the Snydecast Panel at Dragon*Con 2008
-Ken Plume, Brian Fitzpatrick, Aaron Fever,
Dana Snyder and Jay Edwards-