Other Websites

Here is a handy dandy lists of places to go that I approve of because I either do stuff there myself or because they're run by friends of mine.

Hey, the internet can get boring. Everyone needs to try something new from time to time.

Sites I've Contributed To:

A fun entertainment website run by Editor-In-Chief, Ken Plume. It's where the podcast Cabin Fever got it's start and I've managed to work my way up to being an editor myself.

A great site run by Chief-Bottle-Washer, Widgett Walls. I do my Word-A-Week videos there and also appear from time to time on their Weekend Justice podcast.

A site first conceived by Hands Down artist John Merker that got out of control quickly. Now it hosts podcasts, articles and more webcomics. I do a lot of them.

Podcasts I've Been On:

Cabin Fever
I hosted this madness with Brian Fitzpatrick for 100 episodes. Now he is going it alone with new co-hosts and I keep threatening to pop back on for old time's sake. UPDATE: Oh, look, I am back on it!

Mars Needs Podcasts
Hosted by the wonderful JJ Hawkins who I share a blossoming bromance with. I've guested on quite a few and plan to be on as many as he'll have me.

The Ken P. D. Snydecast
At last count my handful of appearances on this podcast makes me the guest who has been on the most. They rarely have outsiders so I'm honored. Ken Plume and Dana Snyder are the show.

Weekend Justice
The biggest cluster-fuck on the internet ©. Hosted by the whack-job Widgett Walls and about 15 other interchangeable regulars, such as myself.

The Drive-In of Doom
A podcast I host with long-time collaborator JJ Hawkins. Every month we make a commentary track for a comic-book movie adaptation. Arguments/love-fests abound.

Aaron Fever Talks To...
A monthly podcast in which I interview people who interest me in the fields of entertainment such as comedy, music, and comic books. Made possible by my patrons on Patreon.

Lets Socially Network: