Wednesday, December 20, 2017

SHIP WRECKED Vol. 2 - Page 24

Now that we've reached the end of Volume 2, I just want to thank a lot of people. Thank you to my amazing team: Katie, Rebecca, and Zakk. This comic literally wouldn't exist if it wasn't for your talent and generosity. Some day I'll be able to pay you back tenfold.

Thank you to JP for being an endless line of positivity, to Triona for getting this show started in the first place, and Dearbhla for making a webcomic look great in print. Big thank you to Julie and David for their amazing cover work on both print volumes too. Also to all at who have been a great support not just to myself but all of the Irish comics community.

I wanted to write a comic about working a crappy job and trying to get through it. It ended up being about friendship and finding happiness. I'd like to think that positive turn means something about my own life. If not, I hope it says something about yours.

We'll hopefully be back with Volume 3 in February. I've written the script and Katie is working her magic on the pages as I type this. She works incredibly hard so please consider supporting her, she's taking commissions so that's a great place to start:

In the mean time, a big thank YOU for reading this and especially all the amazing patrons at for supporting me the past year. The fact that anyone reads this sci-fi-sitcomic means a lot.

Happy Zu'bkar Day y'all! - - -

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