Friday, August 25, 2017

My Dragon Con 2017 Schedule

Dragon Con is the craziest weekend of the year, and while I could end up being thrown on to a panel last minute (as happened with a couple last year), here is a list of things I'll be doing:

Title: Gonzo Quiz Show
Location: Marriott Imperial Ballroom
Time: Thursday 9pm
Details: Yes, it's Thursday. Welcome to the new normal. We'll have a slightly different show planned for this one. Think of it almost as a spin-off.

Title: Tights & Fights: A Pro Wrestling Panel Rumble
Location: Hyatt Regency V
Time: Friday 11:30am
Details: Myself and Hal Lublin will be throwing it down with a new wrestling topic chosen every two minutes.

Title: Gonzo Quiz Show
Location: Marriott Imperial Ballroom
Time: Friday 8:30pm
Details: Settle in for your favourite panel of nitwits as we put celebrities through rounds of games sure to test their brains and dignity. 

Title: Attack of the Celebrity Improv
Location: Marriott Imperial Ballroom
Time: Friday 10pm
Details: Hosted by Joseph Scrimshaw, we'll be putting celebs through their paces with quick fire, bizarre, and hilarious improvised scenes.

Title: Gonzoroo Comedy & Music FestiCarnivale
Location: Marriott Atrium Ballroom
Time: Saturday 8pm
Details: I never know if I'll end up doing anything at the concerts. One year I was a Torgo in a marching group of Torgos. One year I danced. Who knows.

Title: Dirty Dirty Con Con Game Game Show Show
Location: Hyatt International South
Time: Saturday Midnight
Details: I'll be a special guest at the filthiest event of the weekend. You won't want to miss it, Dana Swanson's costume alone will be worth it.

Title: Gonzo Quiz Show
Location: Hyatt Regency VI-VII
Time: Sunday 8:30pm
Details: Dragon Con wouldn't be Dragon Con without the Sunday night Gonzo quiz blow-out. We're all a little punchy at this point, someone will probably throw something at me.

Title: PowerPoint Karaoke
Location: Hyatt Regency VI-VII
Time: Sunday 10pm
Details: I'll be a judge at this comedy show debuting at Dragon Con. Will I be a Simon Cowell type or a Paula Abdul?

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