Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Live at Dragon Con 2013: Thank God You're Here

Myself and the multi-talented Joseph Scrimshaw put on an improv comedy show of epic proportions at Dragon Con 2013. It featured the talents of James Urbaniak, Bill Corbett, Paul & Storm, Mike Phirman, and Phil LaMarr with special appearances by Phil Plait, Ken Plume, and Molly Lewis. Somehow we were able to fit that all star line-up into just 20 minutes. If you weren't there, fret not! Because now you can watch it in 720p (whatever that means) online! As many times as you'd like.

Bit of a warning, there were some problems with the audio on the night so you might have issues with it in patches but hopefully not enough to take-away from the show.

Video Credits:-
Directed by Jon Boutelle
Filmed by The Unique Geeks
Edited by Aaron Poole

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