Thursday, January 30, 2014

Comics: January Roundup

Couple of quick points from the comics released in the last couple weeks.

In All New X-Men #22; Bendis, Immonen, and Von Grawbadger created this moment of Iceman singing "Tricky" by Run DMC while making snow angels. It's a scene that makes me immensely happy. In fact, I think I like it so much I may get it tattooed on my neck.

For those of you who enjoy Saga as much as I do you may need to know that this week's issue was the last until May as they're taking another break on the title. But expect some cool stuff when they come back as the story will jump forward a couple years and Hazel will have grown from baby to toddler.

Last week's Hawkeye was #16. Eagle eyed readers (or Hawk eyed?) would have notice that #15 has not been released yet, so why skip an issue? According to Matt Fraction on his Tumblr David Aja's artwork to #15 was running late and so rather than push back the schedule they decided to release the already finished #16 by Annie Wu. Considering that the even numbered Hawkeyes are Kate's solo story it wouldn't effect the readers. While I agree with the decision it was a little strange for Fraction to blatantly throw Aja under the bus like that with his statement. That's comics for you though!

And finally X-Factor is back! It was only gone a couple months but it's back! I've read the first two issues and I'm waiting until the team is fully assembled before writing a detailed report. Lets just say I'm on the fence for now. But the reason why I mention them is this cover to issue #2. The X-Men have their "fast-ball special", so what do we call All New X-Factor's version?

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