Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Dragon Con Schedule 2013

The pocket guide to the Con has been released so that means the panels are as finalized as they're ever gonna be. If you have the Dragon Con app for your phone you can find all my panels by searching for the name "Aaron Poole" in the presenters list, but if you're like me and have a dinosaur phone then you can just check my handy list here!

As of right now, I'm doing 9 panels/events but if that should change at all I'll update this post and alert the Twitterverse.

FRIDAY --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

What: Make the Bad Man Stop, Part I
Where: Marriott M106 - M107
When: 13:00 (1 hour)
Who: The NeedCoffee crew
Why: This is basically a panel to discuss all the adaptations that Hollywood has planned for your favourite book/comic/tv-show/board-game. There are a ton of us on the panel so it's as meandering as pretty much everything else NeedCoffee.com does!

What: FRED Entertainment Panel-Palooza-Extrava-Thingee-a-Doodle
Where: Hilton Grand Ballroom West
When: 17:30 (1 hour)
Who: Me, Ken Plume, Molly Lewis, Joseph Scrimshaw, Paul & Storm, James Urbaniak, Bill Corbett
Why: Because look at that line-up. That's why. We'll talk about pretty much anything you suggest. Seriously. We'll be pulling topics literally out of a hat full of your suggestions.

What: Need Coffee Presents: Your Weekend Justice Show of Shows
Where: Hyatt Regency V
When: 20:30 (2 hours and 30 minutes)
Who: The NeedCoffee Crew
Why: Because the titles for all these things are getting out of control! But seriously, this will be a big night of fun and games with lots of prizes for the audience and lots of madness on stage.

SATURDAY --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

What: Gonzoroo II
Where: Marriott Atrium Ballroom
When: 20:30 (2 hours and 30 minutes)
Who: Me, Bill Corbett, Molly Lewis, Sylvester McCoy, Paul & Storm, Mike Phirman, Ken Plume, Adam Savage, Joseph Scrimshaw, James Urbaniak
Why: Once again, if that major line-up isn't enough for you... This is the big concert show that FRED put on and it's always a blast. I'll only be playing a very small part of it all but the whole show is not to be missed.

SUNDAY --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

What: Brit Pop
Where: Sheraton Macon
When: 11:30 (1 hour)
Who: Me, Mike Tuffley, Widgett Walls, Rob Levy
Why: Another one of those panels that I've been doing for a number of years now. It's always good fun and any excuse to ramble about music is good with me. I'll probably sing some One Direction to troll the room too!

What: FRED Entertainment Presents Yet Another Panel About Doctor Who 
Where: Marriott A601 - 602
When: 14:30 (1 hour)
Who: Me, Ken Plume, Joseph Scrimshaw, Molly Lewis, and more! 
Why: As of writing this, this panel is the only one not on the Dragon Con app but I assure you, it's happening as it is on the schedule grid. Come chat with us about The Doctor. More panelists to be added too!

What: Lost: Um, So We Figured THAT Out...Finally
Where: Marriott M106 - M107
When: 16:00 (1 hour)
Who: Me, JJ Hawkins, Jon Boutelle
Why: Listen, don't pay a blind bit of notice of that title. We've been doing this panel for... 5 years now? Holy fuck... Anyway... and in the last 5 years we've barely ever stuck to the title at hand. We chat about the show, how our feelings have changed since it finished and what we loved/hated about it.

What: Solve This: Live!
Where: Westin Atlanta Ballroom
When: 19:00 (1 hour)
Who: Me, Widgett Walls, Jon Boutelle, JJ Hawkins, Rox of Spazhouse
Why: This is a great improvisational comedy show that we do over on NeedCoffee.com. If you didn't catch the show last year then you missed out as it was definitely one of my highlights of the Con. Come have a laugh as we try to solve ridiculous problems ridiculously.

What: Gonzo Quiz Show IV: The Quest for Quiz
Where: Hyatt Regency VI - VII
When: 20:30 (2 hours and 30 minutes)
Who: Basically everyone from the Gonzoroo concert on Saturday night
Why: Because we have some great stuff planned for you. We'll have a comedy quiz show followed by some more comedy games. Again there'll be prizes and surprises galore. If you make anything at the Con, make it this. Seriously. I'm not just saying that because I'm co-hosting it.

MONDAY --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

What: Make the Bad Men Stop, Sequelerest
Where: Marriott M106 - M107
When: 14:30 (1 hour)
Who: The NeedCoffee Crew (whoever survives to this point)
Why: It's how we close out the Con every year and the crowd keeps getting bigger for it. We once again talk about all the bad ideas Hollywood has. Considering it's the end of the Con, expect madness. Deep, dark madness.

And that's it! I can't wait to see everyone!

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