Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Favourite Things: July 2013

Things are picking up now as Con season is in full swing and preparations for Dragon Con next month begin. If you follow me on Twitter, then all I will say is "expect cursing".
1) Dustin Hoffman Gets It

I love the Hoff. He's a great actor and from all the interviews I've seen he seems to be a genuinely good guy to boot. Enforcing this belief is a recent interview he did with the AFI about his time on the film Tootsie where he plays a man dressing as a woman.

Hoffman had a revelation while preparing for the role and he gained a little understanding as to just how hard women have it in this world. Things get a little emotional, so grab a tissue before watching.

2) Castletown Donkey Derby 1994

Words will be difficult to find in an attempt to describe what follows. It is quite possibly the funniest, unintentionally funny, video about rural Ireland in the 90s. You'll soon realise that Father Ted was more of a documentary than most of us would like to admit.

Welcome to the Castletown Donkey Derby. It's as batshit insane as you'd imagine.

3) Wolverine - The Musical!

I love the guys at gloveandboots, they do some great videos. With The Wolverine out this month, they jumped at the chance to create a musical based on Hugh Jackman's... love of musicals.

It's pretty awesome and features cameos from Jamie Madrox, Hulk and Spider-man.

4) The Walking Dead Season 4

The TV series has been divisive to say the least. Fans of the comic and those completely unaware all have a love/hate relationship with the show. Personally, I've found it enjoyable but inconsistent.

Comic Con recently premiered a big four and a half minute trailer for the new season and I have to say, it looks pretty bad-ass. Check it out.

5) Tom Hiddleston

Speaking of Comic Con, here is the perfect example of an actor who is having the time of his life.

Tom Hiddleston, during a Marvel movie panel, crashed proceedings in his full Loki costume and while in character decided to "have fun". He may be playing an evil trickster but you can tell that smile is legit.


And that's it! My favourite things of the last month.

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