Friday, May 3, 2013

Weekend Justice #193: Where's My Mojito, Jelly Bean?

Yes, I have returned briefly to the longest podcast known to man. I haven't appeared on Weekend Justice in months but this week I'm back to participate in such madness as:

  • The bounce to the ounce
  • Clap for Aaron. Or else.
  • What Widge does on his desktop
  • ScottC's terrible connection and much suffering
  • Defiance
  • Game of Thrones: destroying the incest bell curve
  • Catching up with The Following

  • Keith Richards, Snoop Dogg and science!
  • Dissecting Hannibal
  • Aaron's Iron Man 3 review
  • Reflecting on Thor and the life of the Marvel Cinematic Universe under Disney
  • Man of Steel, Zod and the sorority
  • Doctor Who and Pearl Jam
  • And more!

  • I join the usual band of misfits, Widge, Jon, Rox, Leigh, Scott, Serv, and Rob!

    To listen to the podcast CLICK HERE or to download it directly CLICK HERE.

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