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Tease Me, Baby! - Fast and Furious 6

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Here we are. Six. Six Fast and Furious films. Bloody hell.

I saw the first one in the cinema because I too once was a teenager and just needed to get out of the house at the weekends. I too once thought that Vin Diesel would be a big thing. But I'm older now and have grown smarter than such things. I would have thought that the rest of the world would have grown with me but I guess there's always more teenagers looking for something to do on the weekends.

Harsh? Perhaps. The previous films have been very hit-and-miss. When they work, the F&F franchise is good popcorn chewing fun. When they don't, they're mindless drivel. So when Fast & Furious pulls off the double-trilogy, all is not well in Denmark Hollywood.

Here is the extended 3 minute trailer.

- Who is the bad guy?

With the previous criminals helping out the police, it's reasonable to ask. Well, the answer is quite obviously, Batman.

Batman and Batmanious

Maybe now that the Nolan films are done they were able to re-use some of their old props.

- Paul Walker

Just look at his big stupid head.

paul walker

When these films began he was supposed to be the big star of the future. Man, who would want to live in that universe? Paul Walker, I would assume.

- $%!? just got real

Ho, ho, ho, now I have a tank.

They've got a tank.

And what could be more crazy than that?

- Oh, I see...


Fine. Be like that.


I have to say, this looks like it could be fun. Completely ridiculous fun. It's hard to understand why they still insist on shoe-horning in the theme of street racing into the plot though. F&F6 looks like a standard, A-Team-style crime adventure. Maybe it has evolved into something more.

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