Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Sound Board DragonCon 2012 Special: Britpop

I love it when more Dragon*Con content pops up online. It gives me a thrill to listen back on what is mostly a blur in my head.

This is our music panel, that NeedCoffee does, centred around specifically British music. This was the second year I got to sit in on this one and as always I had a lot of fun gabbing with the yanks about what music they're digging. I share the panel with Widgett Walls, Rob Levy, and the Tuffleys (Jim and Kim). It's interesting for me as they all have a very different perspective.

Now, we recorded this with a hand held device on the panel table so it's not perfect. I'll quote Widgett here; "As always, you have various and sundry table noises that we can't avoid because we were all seated at the table. And I have no idea where the damn interference is coming from. And we apologize in advance for any questions you can't hear. Also, please note: some sort of interference occurred for a few seconds around thirty minutes in that would have made you bleed from the ears, so we had to lose that short bit."

To listen to the podcast CLICK HERE or to download directly CLICK HERE.

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