Friday, May 4, 2012

Weekend Justice #158: The Worst Podcast Ever (Arguably)

This week's episode stars myself, Widge, Jon, Rox, Tuffley, and Rob.

Here is a little fun fact. Every week when I include this list of topics, I copy Widge's list and edit out any bits I don't remember. When doing this week's list I realised that I remember the majority of it. I must have been lucid as hell. For once:

  • This is only a test
  • Airing out the Sound Board
  • The Post-Dystopian Society
  • Hook Finn!
  • Smug Avengers bastardy
  • Rox's new art project
  • The Smiths vs. the government
  • Monk complaints
  • Don Cheadle potshots
  • Zac Efron baiting!
  • Batman trailers
  • Television shows and the problem with Jeannie
  • Mad Men discussion
  • The problem with Viewmasters and walls
  • Aaron vs. energy drinks
  • The Green Machine
  • Pirates!
  • Stripper songs
  • Destroying music

To listen to the show CLICK HERE or to download directly CLICK HERE.

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