Thursday, May 3, 2012

Slave To My Boredom

I've always been fascinated by the iconic cover to Grace Jones' famous album Slave To The Rhythm.

There is something amazing about it, the simplicity of the idea, the madness in her eyes, how it captures her already caricatured public personality. Because of my love for this cover and a particularly slow day in work I looked up the photographer Jean-Paul Goude who created it. It seems it's a technique he still uses to this day.

Fascinated and inspired, I knew I wanted to try it for myself. As I was still in the office I thought I would try the technique with just a picture I googled and MS paint. It seems easy enough...

Although I could see the differences pretty quickly in his technique and what I tried. So I made an attempt. I thought arms would be the easiest limb to try this with so I decided to do a simple pose and stretch things out.

I think I've learned enough now to try this out with something a bit more special. Maybe do a fight scene with the combatants' limbs stretched out like this. Obviously that will take more prep so it might be a while before I can do it. Dragon*Con could be the perfect time considering the cosplayers I can get involved.

So yeah... that's it.

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