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My Favourite Things: May 2012

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Wow, it's been a whole year since I started this column. Kind of amazing. I usually get distracted by something shiny at this point. But I guess, since this column is dedicated to the shiny things I was distracted by each month, it probably helps with doing this!

Well, let me show you the things that caught my attention in May.

1) JoCo Cruise Crazy

I've mentioned before how we here at FRED are very jealous of the sea monkeys who get to experience the Jonathan Coulton cruise. Booking for next year's cruise has opened up and to coincide with that they've been releasing videos of this year's one.

These videos are great. You can find them all on Coulton's YouTube page HERE but my favourite has to be this one entitled "Quitting". More than just an advertisement, it's a very inspirational video about doing what you love.

2) Spicy News

This is just a very bizarre but ingenious concept. Each week a different comedian comes into the studio, eats a habanera pepper whole, and then gives a comedy rendition of the recent news headlines. They're not allowed to drink anything or take anything that might help with the burning sensation in their mouth until they've finished their broadcast. This leads to some rather panicked presenting.

They put a new one up every Monday. Check out their channel HERE. To whet your appetite, so to speak, here is my favourite one, starring Stephanie Purtle.

Props to JJ Hawkins for introducing me to this.

3) Pop Corn Slow-Mo

Ok, so this one is just plain silly. It's super slow-mo'd, high definition, close-up footage of popcorn popping on an open pan. It's cool, it's pointless, it's almost a complete embodiment of the internet.

Just try to ignore the annoying guys talking.

4) Scott Pilgrim Wedding

This is a cute video that has been making the rounds on the internet, and for good reason. It's a wedding present for a couple with very inventive friends. They took the Scott Pilgrim game and inserted the newlyweds as they fight ninjas and zombies on their way to coupledom.

5) 8-Bit Radiohead

My Cabin Fever friend Brian pointed me towards this article. A brave and intrepid person has taken Radiohead's OK Computer and completely redone it in 8-bit format. And it's AMAZING. You can listen to the whole thing below.


And that's it! My favourite things of the last month.

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