Friday, February 10, 2012

Weekend Justice #147: If You Had to Sleep With a Stooge

It's Weekend Justice, the podcast with the rotating cast of characters. Not rotating in the sense of that they come and go but that they keep spinning constantly.

This week features myself, Widge, Jon, Serv, Rox, Leigh, Scott, and Rob. We discuss some of, and more than just, the subjects below:

  • Special The Unique Geek Crossover! (At last) which involves Green Arrow and sexism
  • Aaron vs. Uke!
  • Prepping for real recommendations from Scott
  • Clive Barker vs. a coma
  • Leigh vs. drugs
  • Growlers, growlettes & Scott incessantly chortling
  • Kraken Rum Store
  • Internet sales of alcohol
  • Scott vs. VCBs
  • Aaron vs. the gay bars
  • Jehovah's Witnesses
  • French and history. Sorta.
  • Scott's porn book recommendation

To listen to the epsidoe CLICK HERE or to download it directly CLICK HERE

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