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Aaron's WWEport - Draft Me Up, Buttercup!

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Traditionally the WWE Draft, which decides the show and which championships the wrestlers can aim for, takes place in April. But today I am going to make a case for it to be moved up a little to fix a problem I like to call The Great Khali-een Out.

The Elimination Chamber pay-per-view event is at the end of the month and will feature the top 6 guys from each brand competing for the title. The RAW line up is pretty amazing. CM Punk, Kofi Kingston, Chris Jericho, Dolph Ziggler, The Miz, and R Truth. And that doesn't even include the likes of Kane, John Cena and Alberto Del Rio who are competing in other matches or injured (in the case of Del Rio). RAW seem to have an over abundance of wrestlers who can main-event, resulting in some good wrestlers often getting over-looked week-in-week-out.

SMACKDOWN however... well, that's a different problem. Their match features Daniel Bryan, Big Show, Randy Orton, Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, and... sigh... The "Great" Khali. This line-up bugs me for two reasons, of which I'll get a bit specific about below.

1) Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes is a great wrestler with a bright future ahead of him. He's got all the skills he needs in abundance, he's just waiting on the right storyline and a real push to take him to the next level. As Intercontinental champion, a title he may only defend a couple times a year, he's wasted in this regard. But champion he is, so to place him in this match for the Heavyweight Championship just shows the shallow pool of talent SMACKDOWN has at the moment.

In reality, Rhodes should either drop his IC title or be having his own feud with someone for it thus defending it at this PPV. I think Rhodes and Bryan could have some incredible matches if placed in the right position so personally I'd like to see him drop the belt to one of the lower ranked guys so he can go for the big one. Whether or not that will ever happen this year remains to be seen but at the very least it points to his inclusion in this Elimination Chamber match being slightly off base.

2) Khali

Nobody likes him because he's useless.

I hate to be this blunt but it's true. Nobody is wearing a Great Khali t-shirt. Nobody buys a ticket to see the show hoping Khali will be there. He's a terrible wrestler, he doesn't speak English, every time he walks to the ring I fear that his knees will buckle at any moment. When a man's only wrestling move is to slap someone on top of their head, you have issues.

I understand that Mark Henry getting injured forced SMACKDOWN to replace him with someone, but really? Really? Really?

So what's my point? Well, I understand that Sheamus winning the Royal Rumble meant that he couldn't be involved directly in this match but even without him, SMACKDOWN needs some better talent and RAW quite franky is wasting some of theirs. With Christian and Mark Henry both on the sidelines for who knows how much longer, it's time to make a draft, or at least a few transfers.

Who should move? I have a couple suggestions.

1) Kofi Kingston

Kofi's Air Boom partner Evan Bourne is a bit of a habitual rule breaker and it has forced Kofi to leave the promising team. His inclusion in this PPV main event is a positive thing after he stole the show during the Royal Rumble but historically all the signs point to this being a short lived push.

I think a move to SMACKDOWN could offer a host of great rivalries, one in particular including a possible Intercontinental Championship run.

2) Dolph Ziggler

Dolph NEEDS to move. And this is not just my man-crush on him talking here. It's well documented I think he's an amazing wrestler but his last title match against Punk at the Rumble proved that WWE sacrifice him all too often and that match made him look weak. Too weak to legitimately do anything on that brand any time soon. With Jericho coming back it also looks like he'll be out of the picture anyway.

3) Zack Ryder

While thrilling as it was to see Ryder drop his championship and then get beaten up by Kane every week, I think it might be time for a change of scenery for Cena's side-kick.

Hell, team him up with DiBiase instead and let them party all night long. Anything to stop the constant mishandling of his career on RAW. They didn't want to put him on TV in the first place and it showed when they finally did. With the likes of Hornswaggle and Santino on the SMACKDOWN brand, they obviously like their goofballs so I think Ryder could fit in well.


I could go on, there is a great case to be made for a lot of stars to change brand right now. And no matter who you think should move, I think we can all agree any wrestler in the roster would be better than Khali.

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