Saturday, April 3, 2021

Things You Need To See

It's not all about me, sometimes it's about my friends and right now they're doing some amazing stuff that you need to know about.

David B. Cooper, the Scottish sweetie pie and comics collaborator, has been making some wonderful indie comics the past few years. This past week he made a chillingly morose short comic about Lenny, the longtime Simpsons side-character, and his existential crisis of being such. I don't think even David could have foreseen the huge stir this would create online as Simpsons fans and comic fans alike have delighted in its morose macabre. His original tweet of the comic has 28,000 likes and rising, which doesn't include all the website and fan groups who have been reposting it too. Do yourself a favour and check LENNY out, then explore David's work from there. 
David and Chandra Free worked together on a short comic for my upcoming SHIP WRECKED release so it's only right to segue into Chandra's amazing Kickstarter campaign that will soon draw to a close.

THE GOD MACHINE is a gothic graphic novel that has been a huge hit for Chandra in the past but was being released by another publisher. Now that its rights have returned to her, she wants to continue the story but also release a deluxe version of the original with corrections, updates, and improvements. I've personally had the joy of seeing THE GOD MACHINE fans gush at conventions about how amazing the book is and I think you'll agree it's a lusciously beautiful comic. So don't miss out on your chance to back the project and grab yourself one of your own at! The Kickstarter ends on April 8th 3:30pm GMT. Go, go, go!

Finally, while you're over at Kickstarter...

Len Peralta and his son Maxmillian are both amazing artists. Len's original 5 GEEK-A-WEEK series was a wild success featuring the likes of the Mythbusters team, Jonathon Coulton, Neil Gaiman, Weird Al Yankovic, and many more! You could treasure them as collectible cards or even play a table-top-game. Now he's teaming up with his wildly talented son to do a 10 year anniversary special and I'll think you'll agree it looks enchanting. Learn more and get involved at This is another campaign coming to its end soon so don't wait around, it's over April 9 2021 3:00am GMT.

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