Thursday, January 24, 2019

SHIP WRECKED Vol. 3 - Page 18

We're back. It's been a while. We took a break of nearly two months to catch up with the final pages of volume 3 and basically get our house in order. We're set up and ready to go now for the final 6 pages so there should be no further interruptions.

I wrote Oscar in volume 1 as a man prone to rages in a job where it wasn't really appropriate. It was a rendition of the types of managers I've had in retail over the years who were too macho for their own good. In hindsight it was also possibly a little of myself. I hated the job I had just before I started writing SHIP WRECKED so I know I was moody and snappy in that office job too. In volume 2, I showed you a little bit of why he could be so angry but I also got a chance to show some of his softer side. In this volume, you can see, that rage is back. Funnily enough, it was back in my own life too. Hopefully by the end of this chapter of the story you'll accept his rage with open arms, like I learned to as well.

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Art by @iuli_draws + @HayleyMulch. Words by me + @ZakkSaam

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