Thursday, October 11, 2018

DCAF This Saturday

TLDR; I'll be at Table 12 this Saturday at The Generator Hostel in Smithfield, Dublin selling my comics cheap. Come see me.

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Folks this is my last comic event for a year. I won't be tabling at any convention in 2019. This is due to a number of factors. In my time honoured tradition of over-sharing, I'll list them for you now:
1) I'm burnt out and need a break.
2) I'm broke. Like, legitimately in a financial hole and I need a year of being sensible to dig myself out of it.
3) I'm running low on stock for a lot of my old issues. A lot of printing/reprinting needs to be done to stock up and that brings me back to reason #2 again.
4) I only have ARTOS #6 and SHIP WRECKED #3 being released in the next year. There's not much reason to shill my old stock for another year.
5) Did I mention I'm burned out?

So this means a couple things. Lets do another list, shall we?:
1) I have ONE issue of SHIP WRECKED #1 left. Less dramatic are the totals of FROZEN WASTE (eleven) and SWIFT (twenty one) but this is your last chance to get these from me for a while so don't miss out.
2) I'm selling my more plentiful stock (ARTOS #4+5, SHIP WRECKED Vol. 2) at discount prices. How discounted? DIRT. CHEAP. Only 1 euro for a copy of SHIP WRECKED and 2 euro for ARTOS. If you were ever putting off getting these, Saturday is your time.
3) I'm open for hugs.

Saturday is going to be a lot of fun. I'm really looking forward to saying goodbye (albeit briefly) to convention tabling in style and there are some amazing people who are going to be at DCAF too. Don't miss out on getting stuff from my buds at Limit Break Comics (Table 14), Doig and Swift (Table 4), and Hugh Madden (Table 34) too, they're all insanely talented and the biggest sweethearts you'll ever meet.

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