Sunday, December 25, 2016

Ship Wrecked Announcement

Feliz Navidad from all of us here on the ISS Bowie!

As it is the holidays, the season of giving, I thought I’d give you an announcement about Ship Wrecked:

Our beloved artist Triona Farrell will be ascending to the hallowed grounds of professional comics colourist and leaving us after page 24. Triona has had a hell of a year and we were very lucky to have her commit her time to us just as her career was taking off. Make sure to pick up her work at your local comic book store whenever you see her name, it’s a mark of quality!

Luckily, however, that does not mean the end for us here in your favourite spaceship accounting department. Aaron and Zakk are staying on board and will be joined by the amazing Katie Fleming on art duties and the incredible Rebecca Nalty working the colouring station! They’ll be starting what I have been affectionately calling Season 2 immediately after Triona’s last page and we’ve been busy on that already. I wish I could show you some previews because they’re so great but you’ll have to wait until the new year, dear reader!

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