Friday, March 6, 2015

Weekend Justice #232: A Julia Roberts of Raptors

Praise be to the goddess Beyoncé, Weekend Justice is back. And as an extra special bonus, I tell a dirty story from my lurid past to open the show. Good times.

I join the usual cast of miscreants Widge, Jon, Rox, Serv, Leigh, and... I think Rob? It's hard to remember, we recorded this weeks ago! But I do remember that we talked about stuff like:

  • Aaron speaks numbers all weird and stuff
  • Full-time funny and the bringer
  • Of pasta and coitus
  • Leigh phasing in and out of reality (as usual)
  • Spazhouse Secrets
  • Here comes the judge
  • Lots of Walking Dead SPOILERS and such
  • Casting Negan
  • More Oscar bitching
  • Dreamcasting the Rox story
  • Beverly Hills Cop 4
  • Time Team
  • The fate of Jon Stewart
  • Theories of Keanu Reeves

To listen CLICK HERE or to download CLICK HERE

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