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Aaron's WWEport - Let's Get Ready To Rumble 2015

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Without a doubt, my favourite Pay-Per-View of the year is The Royal Rumble. It always offers surprises, thrills, and spills.

Few were as predictable as last year though. Batista's win was both boring and frustrating. The fans' discontent was loud and long. It got so bad that WWE actually did the unthinkable and changed it's plans to try and win back the audience.

Hopefully lessons have been learned but lets look at some of the prime suspects who could win the Rumble and go on to the main even of Wrestlemania.



D-Bry has to be the odds on favourite. It's his big comeback after a long injury. He never actually lost his title, he had to forfeit it for injury. If Brock Lesnar retains his title (which I predict he will) it was also be the greatest David versus Goliath matches at Wrestlemania. Brock, the unstoppable beast who destroyed The Undertaker's streak versus Daniel Bryan, the little guy with something to prove. It's perfect. And, to be honest, if WWE don't go this way they're idiots. But, the WWE being idiots is a highly likely scenario so lets talk about the other options...



Considering last year I loved Roman Reigns more than life itself. During his time in Shield I wanted him to cradle me in his arms and make me feel safe. But since their break up WWE have pushed him so hard that it feels less like "YAY, Roman is here" and more like "UGH, this guy again". Their bias has been sickening. It doesn't help either that he has been delivering ridiculous promos lately during go-nowhere, lifeless feuds. They're desperate to make Roman "look strong" so don't be surprised if he wins it. At the very least he'll be in the mix.



Listen, I'm not an idiot. I know that they wouldn't even consider letting Kofi win the Rumble. But I can't write any article about The Royal Rumble without mentioning Mr Royal Rumble himself, Kofi MotherFlying Kingston. His New Day faction (which I personally love) is not getting over with the audience but he's going to steal the show on Sunday, you know he is.



The only way I think Bray has a chance of winning this is if Brock loses the title. There is no way they would put Bray versus Brock at Wrestlemania without turning one of them face and I don't see that happening for either. Wyatt is still one of WWE's best talents but they still haven't put a belt on him yet. I think they have a reason for that and I think that will continue for a while.



Behind Bryan, Ambrose is probably the most over wrestler they have going into this. Followed closely by Ziggler. The problem is, Ambrose has had no title intentions before this weekend. He has been too caught up with individual rivalries. Having said that, if the impossible happens and Seth Rollins actually wins the title, it would be the perfect set up for Dean to win the Rumble and face his mortal enemy at Wrestlemania. It's a long shot but it would work.



This is another outside chance but hear me out. Sting has proven himself to be the wrench in HHH's machine. It's most likely leading to a match between the two of them at Wrestlemania. But, what if part of Sting's troublemaking is taking the title? WWE has shown that they're comfortable with someone on a part-time contract being champion and Lesnar versus Sting would draw money. You just never know with this sort of thing.

Don't be shocked to see other wrestlers making surprise entries/returns such as Randy Orton and Sheamus. But trust me, CM Punk won't be there.

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