Friday, September 5, 2014

Thanks Dragon Con, you were just what I needed

As per usual, I had the time of my life at Dragon Con this year. For those looking for pictures check out my Instagram page or my Facebook album. Big thank you to Ken Plume, Molly Lewis, and Ben Soileau without whom it literally wouldn't have been possible for me to go this year. You are saints and scholars and mucky little devils all at once. I hope to get the footage from some of our shows and get them up online for you but just don't expect that any time soon!

I wanna thank all my friends who both look after me and hang out during the con. You're the whole reason why I enjoy going so much. Specific thanks to Hal Lublin, my hotel roomie, for being as lovely as I knew you would be; Joseph Scrimshaw for taking the lead and organising a great improv show that included me; Heather Mbaye for being our con mommy, Leigh and Widge for still having me around, Jon Boutelle for working his socks off as always; and Dana Swanson for repaying my faith by nailing it hard and generally being awesome. This list is getting unwieldy so I'll cut it there but know that I love each and every one of you with the power of a thousand Russias.

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