Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Comics: Current Top 10

In 2013 I reviewed every single comic I read. It was both fun and difficult to write about all of them. You can follow that journey HERE.

This year, comic reflection has been very limited. Partially because I was too busy to keep writing about it but also because I was dropping books like flies. I realised after my 2013 challenge that I was reading a lot of comics purely out of some sense of loyalty to the characters or creative team and that I wasn't always enjoying actually reading them. With that in mind, here is a little update on what I'm reading and loving now that we've entered the second half of 2014.

There are still a few comics that I'm buying which I'll probably bail on soon but here are ten that I absolutely love:

In no particular order...

Rocket Raccoon - (Marvel)

One of two comics on this list with only one issue out so far but both have really impressed me with their debuts.

This is a fun, colourful, funny comic by Skottie Young and I'm convinced it's going to be huge. HUGE!

Lazarus - (Image)

In total contrast, Lazarus is a serious and often brutal post-apocalypse kind of story about ruling families and a bleak future.

The colours are muted, the writing is detailed, and the plot is compelling. This is a slow burner but I'm definitely going along for the ride.

All-New X-Men - (Marvel)

I'm a bit of a Bendis fanboy, I won't deny. Added to my love of the X-Men and this was always going to be a home run for me.

Lots of laughs, lots of drama, lots of action. It's what an X-Men comic is supposed to be. Time warp or no.

Saga - (Image)

Saga is the runaway comic hit of the last couple years so you don't need me to sell it to you.

Just read it already.

Hawkeye - (Marvel)

Hawkeye's release schedule seems to have taken a turn lately. It has never had perfect timing but it seems to be wobbling late more and more.

No matter. Some comics are worth waiting for and this is one. I don't know how much longer it will last though.

Secret Avengers - (Marvel)

I wasn't fussed by the last two incarnations of this book, but with this year's re-launch by Ales Kot, Michael Walsh & Matthew Wilson I was hooked.

This is going to be considered a superstar line-up of talent in the years to come. Just watch.

The Manhattan Projects - (Image)

The buzz for this comic seems to have died off but my love for it hasn't. Where else are you going to see Einstein with a machine-gun?

By the way, Einstein With A Machine Gun is the name of my death metal band.

The Wicked + The Divine - (Image)

I was blown away by this first issue. Kieron Gillen has tapped into a story thread that is as rich as it is intriguing.

Teenage God popstars who literally give their audience orgasms with their music? How could I not love it!

Deadly Class - (Image)

More teenagers but this time Rick Remender tells of grimier pursuits in a school for child assassins.

Drug use and romantic melodrama combine with violence to give an accurate-and-yet-not view of school life.

Black Science - (Image)

Hands down the prettiest comic on the market. It's also very liberal with executing it's characters.

In that sense, it's the Game of Thrones of science-fiction action comic books. You can quote me on that!

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