Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Favourite Things: October 2013

NOTE: This article was originally published by me on ASiteCalledFRED.com
I'm back to give you more of my favourite stuff online. The videos aren't necessarily from the last month, but that's when I found them so it's good enough for me!

1) We Are Brothers

Two brothers (with the decidedly mad names Baddy Paris and Rufus Starlight) set out to give the most memorable best-man speech at a wedding and I think they gave it one hell of a shot. Here is a snippet of their description:

"At his wedding we pleaded for our brother not to leave us, in the only way we knew how to say it; through the medium of 80s music and video. We thought we'd done ok, but he left us anyway".

It has no right to be as good as it is.

2) Political Apathy

Russell Brand recently was interviewed by Jeremy Paxman about his political beliefs. It was a slightly heated but eloquent debate about apathy in the modern political system. You can watch a large portion of it here:

It has sparked lots of conversation online with people both agreeing and disagreeing with Brand's viewpoints. Comedian and friend of FRED Rufus Hound share's Brand's thoughts and even spoke about it a couple years ago on his comedy special. Check it out below, it's pretty hilarious and scarily accurate:

3) Beetlejuice: A Minecraft Rollercoaster

I have never played Minecraft. I think I'm just too old to get it. But, those who do play it have made some excellent things. Example A: This rollercoaster created in homage to Tim Burton's best film (that's right, I said it). It features recreated scenes and designs based on the film and it has a great tune playing too.

4) Lip Sync Battle

Once again proving that Jimmy Fallon has stolen the life I should be living, this little video is inordinately smile inducing. Jimmy, Joseph Gordon Levitt, and Stephen Merchant play a game of lip synching to popular songs.

Who knew Stephen Merchant could move so well?

5) Hipster or a Hobo

To play us out this month, The Rubberbandits are back with their first new material since their double album "Serious About Men". It's a slower r'n'b song about the thin line in current fashion trends.


And that's it! My favourite things of the last month.

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