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My Favourite Things: Aug/Sept 2013

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I'm so ashamed. I actually missed a month. After two years of doing this thing I have failed you. I suppose it was inevitable. It was due to conventions (plural) and live shows a-go-go. As a result this one spreads over two months, and I've picked my very favourite stuff I've seen online in that time.

1) Guitar Smash

As mentioned above, I was at a few conventions in the past couple months. One of which was Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia. On Saturday night FRED hosted a concert with tons of great people including Paul & Storm, Molly Lewis, Joseph Scrimshaw, and more. But we opened the show with this little ditty featuring Mike Phirman and Adam Savage. I was backstage while it happened but luckily Adam's crew got it all on tape. I hope you enjoy it.

2) The Fox

The following music video is from a Norwegian talk show, apparently. It became viral for reasons that nobody yet has been able to understand. It's a song about the noises that animals make. Somewhere, old MacDonald is spinning in his grave. Well worth a listen, or twelve.

3) Fly Like An Eagle

Make the video full screen and yourself comfortable. For a minute and a half you can preted you're an eagle flying over mountains and valleys. Or, if your imagination is limited, you can imagine you're a tiny cameraman on it's back.

4) Get Shaun

When The World's End was released recently it was proceeded by a media blitz by the stars and creators. As a result, two of my favourite things features them.

Listen as Nick Frost and Simon Pegg sing their own cover of Daft Punk's "Get Lucky".

5) Cornetto Bowling

I'm a bit of a fan of the Nerdist's YouTube show All Star Celebrity Bowling. You wouldn't think a show where you watch people bowl would be fun to watch but it really is. They've had some great guests in the past with the cast of Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, and Mad Men.

This recent one features the team of Nick Frost, Simon Pegg, and Edgar wright from the Cornetto Trilogy films. They're joined by The Sex Pistols member Steve Jones because... sure, why not?


And that's it! My favourite things of the last month

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