Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Mate John

I've mentioned on here previously that I once made regular trips to England to see a certain band play gigs in tiny venues. It was a hobby, of sorts. As a result of that hobby I built up some wonderful friends over the years. Close friends, who I don't get to see as much as I'd like to.

One such friend is John Murray (or Kneem, as he got nicknamed). A number of years ago, John got diagnosed with cancer. A rather nasty form of it too. We all got scared, he got even more cantankerous and there was a general intake of breath.

Amazingly it seemed like he beat the fucker. All the chemo and everything else that goes along with it seemed to work. He got slightly less cantankerous, started playing some music again like he used to, and there was a general sigh of relief.

Unfortunately, the cancer came back and this time it was personal (possibly, I don't know cancer's feelings but it seems to hate him at this point). While the going was good, however, he managed to get a little charity idea together. John wrote a song about his experience and decided to release it for a group of cancer charities.

Here it is:

And there is a free download available on Soundcloud here:

If you like the song and video, or if you’re just in a generous frame of mind, there are instructions in the text attached to the video (click “see more”) as to how to donate to the charities, or just visit one of John’s JustGiving pages:

Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation:

John’s main message is DOWLOAD, DONATE, PASS IT ON AND KICK CANCER UP THE ARSE, so on John’s behalf, many thanks for watching and donating, and please, please pass it on.

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