Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mars Needs Podcasts #211- Iron Man 3, No Jokes.

So here is the deal: Myself and JJ used to have an in-depth discussion about each Marvel movie, as soon as we've both seen them, on his podcast Mars Needs. It's kind of what inspired our movie commentary series, The Drive-In of DOOM.
Iron Man 3's release was the first one since we had started that show, just over one year ago. We hummed and hawed about whether or not to do another for this, that is until I saw it. And then I needed to talk about it. Or, should I say, I needed to rant about it.

What you're about to hear is a 90 minute argument between myself and JJ Hawkins in regard to the movie Iron Man 3. I hope you enjoy.

To listen CLICK HERE or to download directly CLICK HERE.

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