Saturday, December 22, 2012

Weekend Justice #184: Two Tables Flipped For Your Face

Wow... OK so... this involves a rather awkward introduction from me. The night of this week's Weekend Justice recording I was celebrating the holidays with my drama group in the pub. On my way home from the pub I got a message from Scott to get on the call. Which I did. And it probably wasn't a great idea.

To give some perspective, when looking at receipts the next day it appears I had at least 2 pints of cider and 8 long island iced teas in the space of a couple hours. I was niiiiiiiiiicely toasted.

Normally with the episode agendas I leave in the parts I remember but this week...

  • Serious Tolkien fannishness
  • Drunk Irishman!
  • The Irish Sexy Elba Song
  • Aaron's amazing drunk dials
  • Drunk intros
  • Rob, more befuddled than ever
  • Rock Lobster!
  • Fruitcake bonus!
  • How to record from your bed. While drunk.
  • What's weird about lesbian arms

... is all I can remember.

Joining me on this call is (I think) Widge, Jon, Rox, Kim, Tuffley, Leigh, Scott, and Rob.

To listen CLICK HERE or to download directly CLICK HERE.

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