Monday, December 17, 2012

The Smartest Man in the World Podcast: Vampires

The inclusion of this podcast on my blog is cheating a little bit as I only appear in Greg Proops' podcast for 3 minutes. He recorded this episode in Dublin last month and I was in the audience for the live taping. He takes questions at the end and despite the fact that he went way over time that night I managed to get a question in. But, weirdly, despite me making it to the final cut of the show the question I asked him didn't. What did make it was a short conversation I had with him before I actually asked anything.

But you know what? The guy is one of my comedy heroes so I'l take it. It's the closest to working with him I may ever get.

The picture below was taken on the night (not by me) and is vital to know what the fuck I'm talking about with him.

The show is nearly two hours long but my little cameo is at 1:40:00.

To listen to the podcast CLICK HERE or to download directly CLICK HERE.

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