Sunday, December 23, 2012

Showtime at the Apocalypse!

As you know, on the 21st of December the world was supposed to end and depending on your point of view it either did or didn't.

To celebrate our survival/death, both Molly Lewis and The Doubleclicks decided to put on a live web show filled with music and zombie based comedy. The girls also asked their friends to send in some videos of how they're spending their apocalypse and I was able to contribute.

The show was live but thanks to Google Hangout it was simultaneously recorded and is available to watch below! So check out #MollyClicks play some great music and see how Kevin Murphy, Bill Corbett, Marian Call, Patrick Race, Joseph Scrimshaw, and I are spending our end times.


Also, if you want to skip to certain parts (it is an hour long show) Molly has handily provided this chapter list.

0:01:50 The Doubleclicks, "The End Of The World"
0:04:42 Molly Lewis, "I Pity The Fool"
0:08:10 exposition
0:10:26 transmission 1 - Kevin Murphy
0:12:19 Molly Lewis, "An Open Letter to Stephen Fry"
0:16:30 The Doubleclicks, "Happy Holidays, Too"
0:19:52 transmission 2 - Joseph Scrimshaw, Kevin Murphy
0:24:21 power outage
0:25:03 The Doubleclicks, "Imposter"
0:29:47 Molly Lewis, "My Bioluminescent Boy"
0:33:20 transmission 3 - Aaron Poole, Bill Corbett
0:40:23 Molly gets in trouble
0:41:14 The Doubleclicks, "Clever Girl"
0:42:46 transmission 4 - Marian Call & Patrick Race, Kevin Murphy
0:49:58 Molly gets out of trouble
0:51:50 Molly Lewis, "Thanksgiving (is greater than) Christmas"
0:54:25 the zombies aggress
0:55:15 The Doubleclicks, "Lullaby for Mr. Bear"
0:58:39 finale song: "The End Of The Tour"
1:02:49 end credits

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