Saturday, July 7, 2012

Word-A-Week Is Coming Back! But I Need Your Help.

On the 28th of February 2011, what was originally conceived as the last Word-A-Week Vocabulary Vlog, #25 was published on For the previous 6 months I had posted a new word and video for your viewing and educational pleasure every week. Didn't see it? Not many did. Watch it all below:

It was an exercise in madness for me. It was the first series of it's kind that I had ever attempted and while I enjoyed making it, I also absolutely hated making it. All my problems were down to bad organisation and lack of forethought on my own behalf. I've grown, I've learned, I'm better now. Looking back I can see how the videos got progressively better, how I learned a bunch of new words that I never would have used before, and how I found new ways to make it interesting for myself. So much so that I've kind of missed it and I'm back to do it all again.

As the first run had 25 episodes I'm now considering it "Season 1" and this winter I'll be back with "Season 2" to continue with another all new 25 words to expand your vocabulary.

"Why do you need our help?", you might ask. Well, you may have noticed that my launch date of "winter" was a little vague. That's because I'm hoping to film all the episodes before the season launches and this time round I want to crowd source some of my words. That's right, YOU can shape the show!

So now is your chance. If you know a word that you think is underused, strange, or just plain silly, post it in the comments! All words (posted in the comments only) will be considered and any words that I actually use on the show will be given credit to the person who gave it to me!

Remember, I have to give some sort of visual representation of the word in the show so try not to suggest anything that might break my legs. ;)


  1. Pique (as in 'fit of pique')
    Grandiloquent or Magniloquent

  2. Psst, I did grandiloquent last season ;)

  3. ictuate

  4. I'm convinced one of those is a pokemon, Jaster!

  5. Panjandrum, otiose, and because I think they would be fun visually, doppelganger, and defenestration.


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