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My Favourite Things: July 2012

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Hello! Can you believer the 7th month of the year is nearly over? Man, how time flies. Next month sees the long road to Dragon*Con come to a conclusion and I'll be including lots of stuff from D*C years past as part of the hype but for now this month was jam-packed with great things too.
1) A Conversation With My 12-Year-Old Self

This has gone viral since the start of the month and for very good reason. Jeremiah McDonald is an actor and comedian. As a 12 year old kid he decided to film himself asking questions to his future self. You know, because that sort of thing feels like time-travel when you're 12. Well twenty years later, Jeremiah has decided to record his response to his 12 year old self's questions.

It makes more sense in the video, trust me. It's also absolute genius film making.

2) Speakeasy: With Paul F Tompkins

We love Paul F. Tompkins here at FRED. The mustachioed man is not only constantly sharply dressed by also naturally sharp witted. He has a great series on YouTube called Speakeasy in which every week he has a short interview with a celebrity over drinks.

Sure, the show is heavily sponsored but it also features lots of great folks like Nathan Fillion, Al Yankovic, Chris Hardwick, and as you can see below Clark Gregg.

The series is well worth your subscription as new interviews appear regularly.

3) Gary Oldman, R-Kelly. Together At Last

Jimmy Kimmel has created some many great moments. This will no doubt be remembered as one of them as Gary Oldman reads a passage from R-Kelly's autobiography "Soula Coaster". You haven't lived until you've heard Oldman say "what up, baby?".

4) Thank You Hater!

Single handedly one of the worst things about the internet is trolls. Hateful, childish, assholes who only live to spew hate towards people. And the worst kind of troll? YouTube commenters. They can be racist, misogynistic, abusive freaks. Far too often their bullshit is targeted at specifically women online, with comments about raping them being just the tip of their hate-iceberg. If my language is strong here, it's because I genuinely would like to have these people wiped off the face of the earth. They're just stealing air from the rest of us.

Isabel Fay is also mad and she's not going to take it anymore! Her revenge? A catchy number full of sweetness... It works better than it sounds. In fact, it's above and beyond my favourite thing from the past month. It even features an appearance from Misery Bear! Give it a go.

5) Robert Downey Jr. = Rock Star

To try and end on a less ranty note: Have you seen RDJ's entrance to his San Diego Comic Con panel? Of course you have, but lets watch it again. It's a thing of beauty.


And that's it! My favourite things of the last month.

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