Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Rocky Road To Poland

Something that probably isn't the norm for my Ameircan readers is the football single. It's roots go back as far as the 70s when permed footballers would sing about how great they are now that they've gotten to a cup final or something.

We're no different these days. Despite how incredibly awkward it is for everyone involved. Seriously, it's cringeworthy. Listen to Ireland's single for qualifying to the Euro Championship. It's called "The Rocky Road To Poland" and it's a re-working of an old song called "The Rocky Road To Dublin".

Just keep reminding yourself that it's all for charity.

And if you really want to feel the uneasiness watch this isolated footage of just the team singing, featuring team member Shane Long on guitar. Its like when you were made sing in school.

Don't worry, they're better on the pitch.


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