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My Favourite Things: March 2012

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Once again I give you the run down of my favourite things of the past month because when I enjoy myself, I like to share it.


1) Strange Love: Married to the Eiffel Tower

I have to be honest, when I was introduced to this documentary at the start of the month by a friend online I couldn't stop watching it. It follows two women who are objectosexuals. That means that they don't fall in love with human beings but instead inanimate objects. The documentary illuminates some of the reasons for this so I won't go into it now but needless to say, it's fascinating.

I just loved the idea that someone was actually able to marry the Eiffel Tower and to see just how much joy someone got out of looking at a fairground ride. It's all a little mad but you can't help but like these women. They speak clearly and honestly (often with too much information) but that's their life and I found it a little wonderful to spend 45 minutes in it.

You can watch it in it's entirety below. (slightly NSFW)

2) Randy Parcel

Despite the fact that none of us here at FRED were invited (cough cough) many of our friends took part in Jonathan Coulton's "JocCo Cruise Crazy" cruise type thing. Apparently it was a lot of fun. We wouldn't know. We're not bitter though. Nope. Not us.

Anyway, after folks got back lots of footage and pictures emerged online of the fun that went on. My favourite? Well that has to be from Paul F. Tompkins' karaoke night when a young man by the name of Randy Parcel delivered what I can only call, the greatest karaoke performance ever. Seriously. It's great.

Watch as he sings SOLO the classic duet "You Make Me Feel Brand New".

3) The $8 Billion iPod

Rob Reid gives a great TED Talk about how the copyright industry fudge the numbers on piracy. It's really interesting but also quite important to know with the likes of SOPA and ACTA trying to police the internet based on "facts" like this.

4) Evolution of the Moon

I've always loved stuff like this. NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter helped compose this video about how the Moon got it's appearance. It's both informative and beautiful to watch so watch it.

5) I Like To Shift Girls

To play us out, the notorious Rubberbandits are back to educate the world in the ways of shifting. I'll be fascinated to see if this phrase takes off outside of my country because it's usually hilarious to hear non-Irish try our colloquilisms.

(very NSFW) (actually NSF brains)

God help us all.


And that's it! My favourite things of the last month.

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