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Tease Me, Baby! - The Avengers (Superbowl Trailer)

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It's quite fitting that I review yesterday's TV spot for The Avengers as the first ever TMB on DOOM was for the Captain America Superbowl trailer. One year and 30 trailer reviews later and we're still excited around DOOM Towers for the Marvel superhero franchise and the movie continuity experiment is almost ready to unleash it's power punch.

It really can't be understated just how much I admire the balls on Marvel for trying this. For them to stand up and see that their characters were being mistreated by Hollywood producers was one thing, and an admirable thing at that. To do it themselves, to start their movie production wing, was not only brave but an inspired move that has worked for them immeasurably well. To try something like this, to link their characters not only by material but by having them appear in separate movies and then come together has not been done before on a scale like this. Hands down. The closest thing was seeing Michael Keaton appear as the same character in Out Of Sight and Jackie Brown. Thats it. You can't understate how cool this is!

However, the experiment hasn't proven a success just yet. It all rests on how The Avengers does. If it's a success, then Marvel can pat themselves on the back until their hand gets sore. If it fails, we're unlikely to see it's type again.

That being said, I'm frothing at the mouth to see the thing so this new trailer is... well... see for yourself.

Now to help me with the review this time, I'm going to enlist the help of the Tumblr blog "Fuck Yeah Avengers" who do a great job of amassing all the animated gifs and pictures associated with the movie (of which, I'm going to use below). If you don't follow them already, you should.

- Thor Doesn't Fly

But he'll jump onto a plane that does.

It sure beats security checks.

- Who's Hawkeye?

Most members of the public will never have heard of Clint Barton before.

... I think they're going to like him.

- Her Power Is Guns

Big line-up shot here and we really see why Black Widow is so important to this movie.

She reloads that gun LIKE A BOSS. Real important, folks. You don't want to run out of bullets or you might not be able to help the Norse god of Thunder when he really needs it.

- Liam Neeson Has Been Giving Hulk Lessons

When in doubt, punch it in the throat.

Whether it be wolves, French men, or space ships. Always punch it in the throat.


This amazing trailer has given us SO much new footage, yet still feels like it's only skimming the surface. I have a feeling this movie is going to be bat shit insane from start to finish.

And. I. Can. Not. Wait.

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