Friday, January 27, 2012

CABIN FEVER #104: The Answer Is Always Penis

I feel like I owe an explanation...
I recorded what was to be my last Cabin Fever episode (#100) in September 2010. I had decided to quit the show a couple months beforehand when I found the time dedicated to the show became too much and I felt I needed to stretch myself a little bit by trying some things on my own.

I don't regret that decision in any way. I've had an amazing time in the year I've been away from the show and I genuinely believe being free of the commitment to record Cabin Fever has enabled that to happen. Brian was to keep recording episodes without me, with what was to be a new line-up for the show. He made three in the end and lost his momentum. Why he hasn't recorded in a year is a blog post for him to write, I guess.

Approximately in November last year, myself and Brian talked about possibly reforming the show. I had felt that the break had done me good but when the possibility of recording via Skype arose (which would make recording every week infinitely easier and less of a time drain for me) I got a little excited at the prospect of chatting with Brian once again to try and make people laugh. I had missed the rapport we have.

This week we took the plunge and recorded our first episode together in 16 months. I'm very happy to be back doing this show with my friend and hopefully our listeners will be too.

SO ON THAT NOTE: to listen to us make dick jokes CLICK HERE or to download the podcast directly CLICK HERE.

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