Thursday, September 8, 2011

Aaron And JJ Do Karaoke At Dragon*Con

PLEASE NOTE: I'm back from Dragon*Con less than 24 hours. There is a lot of stuff to catch up on with the blog and things to show and tell but first, this story must be told.

Let me tell you a tale of Dragon*Con's Saturday night. I have gone to this convention four years now and every single Saturday night at it has resulted in some sort of embarrassment for me. This year was probably the least embarrassing, however, this time there is video. So in an attempt to break the cycle, I present it to the world.

Myself and JJ Hawkins are karaoke fiends. He is far more experienced than I, this being only my third time to take to the stage, but what I lose in previous effort I make up for with enthusiasm and waist-coats. So we arrive at the KJ's booth at 9pm to sign up... with gusto. And then we wait. And wait.

We both start to drink a lot and get a little angsty by the time 1am rolls around. But then, finally my name is called. And who do I see in the front row? None other than the 7th Doctor himself Sylvester McCoy!

I had managed to spend an hour or two with the man at the Con and had gotten to know him enough that when I got up to the mic he immediately proceeded to heckle me before the music even begins! No pressure. You can see me hand my drink to him at the start of the video.

I present it to you now with the caveat that you have heard me sing on podcasts before and you understand I do not have any sort of vocal ability.

Then, in the few seconds of ego buzz that I enjoy after jumping about like a lunatic (and while I get my drink back from The Doctor) a certain... someone, takes to the stage.

That's right folks, Michael Rosenbaum hits the Dragon*Con karaoke scene and sings "Man In The Mirror". Lex frickin' Luthor steals any thunder I may have been able to walk away with. In fact, if you look back at the video you'll see him talking to the KJ towards the end of my song. He's the guy in the green top.

But you know what? No matter how bad I had it, it was worse for JJ. Because he was next up.

Wanna see how he followed all that?

For those of you who don't attend Dragon*Con... shame on you. This is only a molecule of the madness you can look forward to every year.

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