Friday, August 26, 2011

Weekend Justice #128 - A Matter of Perspective

This is the last official Weekend Justice before Dragon*Con rolls around to mess with all our minds. So fittingly, the cast itself if a mind altering as ever. We try to talk about some of the things we're doing this year but we get sidetracked. A lot.

This week I join Widge, Rox, Leigh, Jon, Serv and Rob for the 6 or so hours this podcast seems to go on for. What? It's not that long? Well, it sure as hell feels like it.

Some of the madness discussed includes:
  • TravelCast
  • Gunshot jeans
  • Jim Carrey and being creepy
  • Aaron-approved tapping! Congrats, Tom Cruise!
  • Stormy Encounters. No, seriously.
  • Power Rangers luchadores
  • Kidlet needs food
  • Creation Museum
  • Oh, Irish Magneto, you'll never learn.
  • When should you drink a pint of Guinness?
  • DragonCon report!
  • Costumes and duct tapes
  • Leigh's DragonCon tips
  • Rob scares everyone--and DJs!
  • Doctor Who and theories!
  • Aaron vs. The Walking Dead
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To listen to the episode, click the picture!

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