Friday, August 19, 2011

Weekend Justice #127: No Ladies on That Line

Weekend Justice! It's back! In pod form! Exclamation mark!

I return to the nuttiest podcast on earth once again to discuss the following:
  • The taste of crayons
  • Leigh and dating not-Robert Smith
  • Little people?
  • Family Ties and racism
  • The Alabama High School Graduation Exam
  • Overthinking the leather pants
  • The Smiths vs. Batman
  • Christopher Lee vs. Bollywood
  • Catwoman costume blues
  • Silent films and noir
  • Dutch angles and lens flares
  • Film critics
  • Bill & Ted 3 -- solved!
  • Battlefield Earth
  • Travolta's career retrospective
  • Aaron vs. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers vs. smugness
With me this week is, as always, Widge, Rox, Scott, Jon, Tuffley, Leigh and Rob!

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To download this episode directly, Your Weekend Justice #127: No Ladies on That Line, then do that thing. Or click the image to go stream it!

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