Friday, August 5, 2011

Weekend Justice #125: James Spader, Acting Gristle

Oh Weekend Justice, I just can't quit you. The longest and strangest podcast on the Internet* returns once again and I'm riding that bitch like a bat from hell **. This week I join Widgett, Rox, Scott, Kim, Tuffley, Jon and as always a cameo from Rob. Here are some of the things we discuss:
  • A lack of understanding of James Spader
  • Hobo weddings
  • Hobo catch and release program
  • Porn testimonials
  • James Franco is not a verb
  • Rowling vs. Martin
  • Marvel and death
  • Unbreakable and other scripts
  • Rob's Rise of the Planet of the Apes review
  • Cast Away
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Or to stream from the website click THIS LINK YO!

* possibly, maybe.
** or your nearest hell-riding equivalent.

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