Monday, August 1, 2011

Solve This: The Pilot

PLEASE NOTE: I'm late putting this up on the blog, the show was released on Friday but I was away at a wedding so apologies for the delay!
And now for something completely different. We present to you Solve This, a new improvisational panel show and podcast from the same people who brought you...the rest of this mess. Rather than content ourselves to discussing the latest pop culture trend, here we have a podcast dedicated to solving problems. All we be explained in the show proper.
That's how the host and show creator Widgett Walls introduces the world to the newest podcast in the comedy/improv/panel show genre. Which I'm sure there are thousands of out there.

This stars the above host and myself, Tee Quillin, Rox of Spazhouse and JJ Hawkins. To listen,  click the genome. To download this directly, Solve This, then do that thing.

Remember folks, this is a pilot episode. If you want to ever hear another one, let your voice be heard!

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