Thursday, August 11, 2011

21 Days Until Dragon*Con (and other stuff)

The guest list for the event is still growing, with voice-actor Tom Kenny getting added to the list among other (he of Sponge-Bob fame). You can see that list here. While I am not considered important enough for that list, I am attending and will be on several panels and events. I'll post my schedule as soon as I get it.

One person who won't be going to Dragon*Con is Leonard Nimoy. He cancelled this week, which is a shame. Such a shame that Spock is dissapointed in him.

Big thanks to handonmouth for making this for me.

My blogging has taken a nose-dive recently due to two different video projects I'm working on. They both need to be completed by the end of the month and I'm under a bit of pressure. Editing video is a slow process.

However, rest assured, I've still been doing a lot of behind the scenes stuff with and in the build up to the big convention so you should hopefully see a flurry of things soon. We have so much new content in store for you lucky people.

Before I go, if you have a Tumblr account look me up. You won't get the same content as here, usually just some music and photographs I like. It's where you'll also find me winding down the hours in the office.

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