Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Work Of Art

I'm not a particularly arty person. I like to draw but recognise I'm not very good at it. I like photography but I'm only learning. I like making videos but no-one has ever paid me to do so. I'm pretty much an amateur at all levels.

During Red Nose Net last year, I devised a rather child-like picture made out of paper and glue. You can see it on the wall in this video.

I used the skills I've kept from pre-school to create a masterpiece that looked much more impressive (and way bigger) in my mind than in reality.

Doc Hammer is on record as telling me it's "horrible".

However, during the 24 hour cast, a viewer suggested we let people bid on my artwork as part of the fundraising. I thought it a good idea but expected to get very little for it because... well, it's a piece of crap (don't get me wrong, I'm sadly very proud of it, but I know enough to understand the quality level).

Amazingly, it actually raised quite a lot and is now my most successful (financially) artistic endeavor... ever. Trust me, I have trouble dealing with that fact too.

The now current owner Jasmine (who you can find writing video game news for DOOM) has posted a picture of it hanging on her wall. It's framed and everything! All of us involved in Red Nose Net made sure to sign the clouds before we sent it to her so I love that it is being showcased in someone's house.

For the record, it took me hours to make that sucker and being sent this picture this morning has made my day.

Thank you Jasmine for not only blowing some of your disposable cash on our charity efforts but also for keeping your resulting prize. You rule. But I feel like I've probably told you that enough over the years.

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