Friday, July 22, 2011

Tease Me, Baby! - The Amazing Spider-Man

I find I start a lot of these by telling you how much I love the subject matter of the film. It’s sad to say, but once again I have to do it. I love Spider-Man. Period. Love him. I’d let him take me if he wanted to. With Spider-Man, all bets are off!
But I hated… and I’m not doing the usual geek thing of being over the top about this, I genuinely feel acid in my mouth when the subject is brought up… hated Spider-Man 3. It was an insulting piece of cinema. Don’t even try and defend it in the comments to me because I won’t respond. I’ll just add you to “the list”.
Am I happy that the franchise has been rebooted? Yes. Am I nervous this could also suck? You bet! But I like all the cast involved (and what a cast!) and who knows? Maybe they could surprise me. Maybe I’ll actually like it. Maybe I’ll die before it’s released. It’s a crazy world out there.
Click the picture of the pouty Peter Parker to watch the trailer and read my thoughts!

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