Monday, June 13, 2011

Blur-O-Vision Pictures

As stated before on this blog, I host a party every year to celebrate the ridulous event that is the Eurovision Song Contest. I like to have my friends over and play what is now a finely honed drinking game... of death!*

This was a month ago now, but I have finally gotten the Instax pictures from that night scanned in to share. And what are blogs if you can't share?

Orla, Brian and Bruce. This was at the start of the night and I love how Bruce always looks like he's drinking 100 year old whiskey even though it was cheap rum.

Caoifhlionn. It appears something interesting is happening to her left.

Caoifhlionn, Brian, Ian, Orla, Caoimhe, Vanessa and Andy. Despite the suggestion of Andy's face we're all still sober at this point as the show has only just begun.

Vanessa. I don't know what is happening to the left but it seems to be fascinating for everyone.

I think the booze is starting to kick in at this point.

It had definitely kicked in by this point

The wee hours of the morning when talk had gotten slurred and phylisophical

A big, BIG thank you to Amanda who helped me pick out the Fuji Instax camera with some great advice and for just being a damn good photographer in general. A shot (alcoholic) was taken in your honor that night.

*no death actually occurs, although the participants will feel like death the next morning.

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