Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mars Needs Podcasts 101 - Captain Americast

I'm going to let JJ explain this week's one himself as he does so in such delectable style.

JJ and his amazing friends Elizabeth and Aaron (Amazing Friends, Assemble!) decide to record after they have all just woken up. Does this destroy our hero’s podcasting abilities? Fear not true believer! The Triumphant Triumvirate of Tantalizing Talk Trudge Through The Trials of Torpor To Teach Tidbits of Their Tribes…or they talk of their families. Plus, attention is paid to a personal favorite hero of both Aaron and JJ, Captain America! Will our heroes get to the bottom of why the character is so great, well you have to listen to find out!

Also, special thanks to Jazzy Jason Wood for the new logo! The Merry Mars Needs Marching Society owes him big time.


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